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Solicitation opens: January 15, 2019

Solicitation closes: February 3, 2019



The Fédération franco-ténoise (FFT) represents the French-speaking population of the Northwest Territories (NWT). The FFT, which plays a lead role in the NWT peer network of Francophone and Francophile communities and associations, is a key partner at the municipal, territorial and federal level, provides political representation and promotes the rights of Francophone and Francophile communities in the NWT.

Réseau TNO Santé (RTS), which is affiliated with the FFT, is dedicated to improving access to health and social services in French for the French-speaking population of the NWT. It works to build synergic and interdisciplinary alliances between and with its partners to promote a shared vision and to support the development of strategic initiatives in the health sector. RTS has been a fixture in the French-speaking community in the NWT since 2003. It is supported nationally by Société santé en français and 15 other like-minded health networks across Canada.


The Fédération franco-ténoise and Réseau TNO Santé, together with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), aims to conduct a needs study with a view to tailoring active offer training in services in French for health human resources employed by the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority (NTHSSA). The aim of the study is to identify the public’s needs and expectations in terms of active offer of health services in French, as well as human health resources’ and managers’ training needs.

The successful proponent will be required to submit a report on these needs and subsequently recommend appropriate training tools.




  • Solicitation opens: January 15, 2019
  • Solicitation closes: February 3, 2019 at 11 p.m. (Mountain Time)
  • Proposals are to be submitted by e-mail only to

Proposals received after the above deadline will not be considered.


During the solicitation period, please submit your questions in writing to

An amendment containing responses to questions that could significantly affect the solicitation process will be published within 48 hours, together with the request for proposals.

Required documents                             

Proponents must include two separate documents in their proposals:

  • Technical proposal
  • Financial proposal

Evaluation method 

Proposals will be evaluated using a three-stage process consisting of mandatory criteria, rated criteria and a financial evaluation.

  • Mandatory criteria: Proponents must meet all mandatory criteria.
  • Technical rated criteria: Proponents must score at least 60% on the rated criteria. See the evaluation matrix attached for more information about the evaluation components.
  • The financial evaluation will be done using a 60:40 ratio. Proposals will be scored and rated from lowest to highest price, with 60% of the points awarded constituting the final score for the technical evaluation, and 40%, for the financial evaluation.




In 2016, the FFT consulted the French-speaking population of the NWT about health services in French provided by the territorial government. The results showed that negative experiences associated with health services in French stem from inconsistent access to, and the uneven quality of, services in that language. In their criticisms, many respondents said that service was inconsistent, which would make patients less inclined to ask for service in French again in the future. The public consultations also underscored the importance of empathy in the active offer of services in French, given the vulnerability that patients often experience as a result of being ill, in pain, in crisis or anxious. Consequently, training must be tailored to the health sector and place more emphasis on such concepts as safety, quality of care and empathy. FFT/RTS and the NTHSSA are therefore joining forces to create new active offer training tools that are better suited to needs in the health sector and to the realities of French-speaking patients in minority communities.

Scope of work

The successful proponent will have to establish a methodology for the needs study, develop data-gathering tools, conduct research on tool development, compile and analyze the data gathered, and draft a final report.

Methodology and tool development

  • Hold an initial meeting with the project leaders.
  • Develop sensitive and effective data-gathering tools in order to provide a snapshot of the needs of the NWT’s French-speaking population as regards active offer of health services in French.
  • Develop data-gathering tools to identify the needs of, and challenges facing, health human resources in the active offer of health services in French.
  • Obtain the approval of the project leaders before collecting data.

Data recording

  • Record the data.
  • Submit the raw data to the project leaders.

Data analysis and reporting

  • Hold a follow-up meeting with the project leaders prior to data analysis to clarify reporting requirements.
  • Analyze the data.
  • Write up a report on the results.
  • Submit a first draft of the final report by March 15, 2019, for review and approval.
  • Submit the final report by March 31, 2019.

Working languages

English and French are required for this project. Communications (data-gathering tools, oral/written interaction) with the NWT’s French-speaking population must take place in French. Documents for, and communications with, the project leaders may be in either language.

Materials available

The FFT will provide documentation on active offer of services in French.

Place of work

The work is to be performed at the location where the proponent normally provides its services.

Travel requirement

The successful proponent will be required to be on site in Yellowknife.



Material property

Work performed by the successful proponent under this contract, including incidentals such as research reports and other documents, will become the exclusive property of the FFT, for use at its own discretion.


All copyright for documents created under this contract will be assigned and transferred by the successful proponent to the FFT. This assignment of copyright is granted without territorial or temporal limitation, and without any other limitations.




No. Mandatory Technical Criteria Scoring Method

(Met/Not Met)

MC-1 Experience

The proponent must have at least five years’ experience in social research or in research in the health sector.).


Demonstration requirement

Proponents must demonstrate at least 5 years’ experience by providing a list of completed projects. Include the following information:

–          Project name

–          Client name

–          Brief summary of project (no more than two lines)

–          Duration (months/years)

MC-2 Experience working with Francophone minority communities

Proponents must have at least one research experience involving Francophone and Acadian minority communities (FAMCs).


Demonstration requirement

Proponents must demonstrate previous research experience involving FAMCs. Include the following information:

–          Project name

–          Client name

–          Brief summary (two lines)

–          Name of minority community in question

MC-3 Language

The successful proponent will be required to provide service in French at all times.


Demonstration requirement

Proponents must demonstrate, by giving a reference for a previous project, that they are able to provide service in French.


No. Technical Rated Criteria Scoring Method






RC-1 Description of a previous project

Proponents must demonstrate experience in the field of social research by describing a similar previous project.


Demonstration requirement

Proponents must demonstrate, in a written description of not more than two pages, that they have previously undertaken a project with similar objectives. Points will be awarded as follows:

–          The subject of the research has to do with a topic of societal concern.

–          The project was carried out in a northern community.

–          The project was carried out in an FAMC.

–          The project provided an overview of a government service (federal, provincial or municipal).

RC-2 Understanding of project

With reference to the statement of work, proponents must describe in a few paragraphs the kinds of tools they intend to use and why, given that the study involves NWT public services and the NWT’s French-speaking population.


Demonstration requirement

Proponents must demonstrate the following:

–          An understanding of the challenges and issues facing FAMCs.

–          An understanding of the challenges and issues facing Northern communities.

RC-3 Presentation of team

Proponents must provide a list of the team members who will be assigned to the project.


Demonstration requirement

The description for each member of the team must include the following:

–          Name

–          Title

–          Number of years of experience

–          Role (no more than two lines)

RC-4 General submission format

(a)  The information provided is clear and easy to understand (5 points).

(b)  The quality of language used (spelling and grammar) is satisfactory (5 points).

Maximum total Minimum score (60%) = 24 40




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